Get to know us

Our History

In August 1914 our great-grandfather, Cipriano García de la Cruz y Romeral, acquired a distillery (which had been operating since 1905) in Madridejos. Since then, the company has been run continuously by our family for four generations, and is now the oldest distillery in Castilla-La Mancha.

Our culture

From the very beginning, we have made technology, efficiency, know-how and caring for the environment the cornerstones of our company.


A local benchmark

Historically, our distillery was one of the largest and most advanced in the region. In a newspaper article from 1924, the distillery was described as follows: “It is equipped with stills for the distillation of alcohol and boasts all the advances of modern industry, such as hydraulic belts to lift water”.


Algarve 1914

ALGARVE 1914 was registered as a company in 2000. The name derives from a combination of Alcoholes García de la Cruz Vega and the year when the family business began, thereby paying homage to the first wine season and batch of alcohol products created by our family at the distillery.
Our location in La Mancha, which is known as “Europe’s winery” due to the fact that it is the most extensive winemaking region in the world, enables us to make use of the raw materials from the many wineries and cooperatives in the area. We have our own logistical resources, comprising a fleet of eight lorries that we use to collect the raw materials and distribute the finished products. We sell our products in Spain and internationally, throughout Europe and the Americas.